Groups for People That Act out Sexually and Their Families

After years of providing specialized individual, family, and couples counseling for children of alcoholics, as well as sexual abuse victims, he co-founded The Northwest Family Recovery Program in 1983. Services included risk assessment evaluations, and treatment for people that acted out sexually, as well as their survivors and families.

In 1987, he cofounded The Montana Sex Offender Treatment Association (MSOTA) in 1987, and continues to offer services to people that act out sexually, those in relationship with them, and their support people.

It is own words; “Since the average person that acts out sexually has an average of four unprocessed forms of abuse in their background, I came to understand that this was the perfect way to continue my understanding of the intergenerational abuse issues, and how to heal them. Besides, it felt good to get ahead of the process, and begin to prevent victimizations”

NOTE: Contrary to the myths surrounding this population, once you take out the minority of highest risk people, one’s success rate is greater than 95% with comprehensive, holistic healing approaches!